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Welcome to our website showcasing the results of a unique international virtual exchange about public history. We invite you to join us on a journey through two cities bursting with history: Jerusalem and Munich. For us, the aim of doing public history is to understand the past in relation to critical perceptions of our own present.

We are a group of students from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and from LMU Munich who participated in a joint online course conducted by Dr. Lina Nikou and Dr. Kim Wünschmann in 2020/21. Making the most of the many restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we met in the virtual realm and learned together about the vibrant and interdisciplinary field of public history. We chose to become public historians ourselves, explore our cities, analyze the diverse representations of the past in the urban spheres of Jerusalem and Munich, and ״produce history״ for you, the public.

This website displays five public history projects. Based on various  approaches and using different media, we researched topics which intrigue us and address themes we personally care about. The projects exhibited here reflect our cross-cultural dialogues and a myriad of perspectives on our cities’ histories. They are the culmination of our collaborative international learning.

In three podcasts, a virtual city walk, and a history-based fiction story for children and adults alike, you can now discover hidden stories, visit known and unknown places, and gain fresh perspectives on traditional narratives in/between Jerusalem and Munich.



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