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Gilly, Margherita, and Michael
Sophie’s World: Inside and Outside

Source: Lina Nikou

A Young Girl’s Discovery of History in Jerusalem and Munich

Sophie is a 7-year-old Israeli girl whose family is originally from Germany. We invite you to follow her journey to three emblematic places in Jerusalem: the Rehavia neighborhood, which was very popular among German Jews (the Yekkes), the walls of the Old City, and the 1967 city line along which today the tram is running between East and West Jerusalem. Right on the city line Sophie will make a stop at the Museum on the Seam.

What interests Sophie most is the complex relationship between inner and outer space. What does it mean to be inside and how do you feel when you are outside? How are these two spheres connected and/or separated? Through Sophie’s curious questions to her Yekke grandmother who came from Germany, through the fantastic stories about medieval cities told by her mother, and through the experiences of her uncle Shalom, you will gain insights into many of the issues that co-exist in Jerusalem and learn about the multifaceted history of the city. And along the way you will also discover some connections between Jerusalem and the city of Munich.

Don’t wait any longer and explore Sophie’s world! The innocence of her young age and her joie de vivre will surely charm you.


Group Members

Michael Cidor, Gilly Eran, and Margherita Issoire

Video and audio produced with the support of Jaya Mirani


in order of appearance

Sophie – Gilly
Sophie’s grandmother – Gabi
Sophie‘s mother – Emma
Uncle Shalom – Michael


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The Museum on the Seam in Jerusalem

The Museum on the Seam.

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